What is SambaBOX

SambaBOX is a standalone, plug and play server that is based on Samba4 to substitute the Microsoft® Active Directory. SambaBOX developed to support open source world and is able to manage clients with different operating systems including   RedHat®, SuSE®, Oracle Linux®, Pardus®, Microsoft Windows®, Apple macOS®.

Active Directory Migration

All information on your existing Active Directory system is retrieved with a few clicks, and passwords are used as they are. Suitable for distributed structures. Supports Active Directory tree (forest) structure.

Client Management

All Windows®, Linux® and macOS® clients can be remotely managed. Computers can be easily managed from a single center even if they are not members of a domain.

SambaBOX Advantages

Web Based

Web browser independent system management

Plug and Use

Ready to use within 5 minutes and already optimized !

All together

All required services such as AD, DNS, DHCP, NTP

AD Compliance

Stand-alone or side-by-side with Microsoft AD as a DC in the AD forest.

Configuration Management

Windows, Linux and OsX Operating systems can be managed.

Public Experienced

Tested by major public institutions

Multi Platform

Supports Linux, Windows, OsX operating systems. It does all the work with a single client.

Custom Script

Users can write and run their own scripts. Scripts can be used repeatedly on multiple hosts if desired.

High Security

Communication between the client and the server is done by private keys. This ensures fast communication with high security.

Group Communication

It is possible to group clients and perform specific operations according to them.

Domain Independent

It is not important whether the clients to be managed are in the domain.Clients can be made available by accepting on the central system.

SambaBOX Key Features


Management Interface Web
Average Installation Time 5 Minutes
Installed Services Samba, DNS, DHCP, NTP, SaltMaster, SaltAPI
Supported AD Versions 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2016
AD from Independent Work YES
User, Group, Computer Management YES
Password Policy Active Directory with Integrated, web adjustable
Alternative Management Support RSAT
Local DNS Zone
Obtaining DHCP Settings YES
Multiple DHCP Sub-Region YES
Time Server YES
IPv6 Support YES
Configuration Management Clients Pardus®, Debian, Ubuntu®, RedHat®, SuSE®, AIX®, Solaris®, Raspbian, Oracle Linux®, Arch, FreeBSD, SmartOS®, Microsoft Windows®, Apple macOS®
Domain Independent Client Management YES
Custom Script Writing YES
Authority by Group YES
Services Management YES

SambaBOX Comparison

KEY FEATURES Microsoft® AD OpenLDAP Solutions SambaBOX
Average Setup Times 3 Hours 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Directory structure management ✔ ✔ ✔
Linux Client Management ✔
Windows Client Management ✔ ✔
Apple macOS® Client Management ✔
Ability to send batch jobs ✔ ✔
View instant client status ✔
Kerberos Support ✔ ✔ ✔
Publishing policy with the use of Windows GPO ✔ ✔
Policy dissemination with Rule Set for Linux ✔
Ability to send group and client-based tasks and scripts ✔
RSAT Compatibility ✔ ✔
User Management ✔ ✔ ✔
Group and user-based script execution ✔ ✔
Send offline tasks and scripts ✔ ✔
Directed Profile ✔ ✔
Dynamic reporting infrastructure ✔ ✔
Integrated DNS Service ✔ ✔
Cluster structure ✔ ✔ ✔
Hybrid Operation with AD ✔ ✔
Bidirectional Synchronization with AD ✔ ✔
ACL Management ✔ ✔

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